Christoff Taylor

Christoff is a storyteller, resilient creative and purveyor of hope. Emerging from the cultural and political melting pot of 1980’s South London, Christoff is an experienced navigator, participator and empowerer of societal margins. A multi-faceted mixed medium storyteller with a pan-societal viewpoint and cultural toolkit to match. A creative, entrepreneur and humanitarian carved by his lived experience. Christoff utilises these experiences and his diverse career development to innovate and disrupt traditional creative practices, business models and change-making.

A creative and editorial director, photographer and filmmaker who’s worked with major agencies and brands. Trained international humanitarian, specialising in USAR and flood response with national and international disaster response experience. Hostile environment trained and ethical response media specialist, Christoff has challenged conventional approaches to working with affected populations. A youth practitioner with 15 years frontline experience ranging from youth violence to creative programming as well as leading multiple youth organisations’

Young Creators UK, YCUK, is a not-for-profit community interest company supporting young people aged 16-25. Based in Brixton, close to where we first founded as a collective 5 years ago. A creative, culture and value led social enterprise with a disruptive funding model.

Led and co-owned by an integrational team, Yasmin (age 22) & Christoff (age 39). We develop next generation creative talent whilst delivering unique hight quality cultural and creative services with social impact.

Our mission is to build a diverse creative sector that’s accessible to all, champion marginalised voices and enable youth and community to thrive. We operate under 4 pillars – Youth Services, Creative Agency, Cultural Activation and Value sharing. We are 50% youth owned, 50% female led and 88% of our creatives are from marginalised or underrepresented backgrounds.

YCUK is not just a new voice in the industry, it’s a new way of creative working.


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