Joseph Lynch

Joseph is Founder and Artistic Director of Babel Theatre where he oversees the creation and implementation of award-winning theatrical productions and innovative creative programmes which seek to unpack and express contemporary experiences of living. He has worked nationally and internationally as a theatre director, teacher, movement director, creative consultant and cultural leader, devising and collaborating on productions and projects with some of the world’s most acclaimed companies and institutions. He is an Associate Lecturer at UAL Central Saint Martin’s and is passionate about decentralising creative spaces and making creative experiences inclusive and accessible.

His work centres on creating brave spaces that foster inclusion, vulnerability and openness and aims to radically reimagine creative development, empowering participants to develop in all areas of their lives and to step into their power and integrity as important voices within society.

Babel are an award winning theatre company creating powerful creative experiences that foster human interconnection through highly poetic, visual physical theatre productions, pioneering engagement projects and bold cultural instigations.

We create brave, collaborative spaces for people to gather together and explore the grey areas in life where language alone is insufficient.

Working across London, nationally and internationally we value making work that is pioneering, bold, uplifting and ambitious and centres co-creation and courage at its heart, to produce high quality, high impact, radical opportunities to engage in people-led, skills development and socially inclusive creative engagement programmes.

Across all aspects of Babel’s work we strive to create joyous, uplifting and celebratory spaces that seek to explore and express contemporary experiences of living.


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