Julie Norburn

Julie co-founded Art4Space in 1999, As Executive Director Julie provides exceptional leadership and develops initiatives, unlocks new potential whilst furthering the overall foundations of organisation. She ensures good governance, responsible for finances, business objectives and strategic planning. She has boundless energy, social responsibility and innovative ideas that will take Art4Space to new heights in the coming years and continue to build a long-lasting legacy.

Prior to Art4Space, Julie has many years’ experiences working in the sector. Has always fought for social equality and for the rights that everyone must lead a safe and healthy life, filled with opportunities for learning, creativity, and fun. Julie doesn’t preach her values she lives them.

Life, people, and possibilities deeply inspire her, and is passionate about bringing like-minded individuals together and encouraging others to develop a better understanding and appreciation of the arts. Supporting human skills and creativity she believes has never been more important, especially in a world that’s increasingly relying on technology to support and nurture human connection. Julie is passionate about making art accessible to everyone because she knows the profound and life changing impact of finding ways to express and actively engage in creativity.

Art4Space is a Community Interest Company, Social Enterprise founded in 1999. Art4Space has 24 years of experience increasing access to art and creativity within our community. Our aim is to empower diverse groups to develop communication, promote active citizenship, celebrate diversity and promote social cohesion and wellbeing through increasing the exposure and accessibility to the arts.

Our multi-award-winning portfolio of programmes and projects are designed to support different age groups, needs and vulnerabilities. Our strength is reaching those who are isolated, experiencing trauma, have poor mental health and a need to build their skills, confidence and social support networks.

Website: https://www.art4space.co.uk/

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