Binki Taylor

Binki is an experienced coach-mentor, creative producer and community activator. Her work with Brixton Design Trail, now The Brixton Project creates common ground for this to happen. Her approach to working in evolving communities is building creative, accessible, people-first platforms to foster dialogue. She is an advocate for fusing the skills, knowledge, culture and heritage of local people into future community development. Binki has an extensive network of trusted relationships and a developed understanding of aspirations, needs and competing priorities within local constituent groups. Binki sits on the Expert Panel for Public Realm by New London Architecture for 2023, is a commissioner for the Mayor of London’s Diversity in the Public Realm and is a curator for the London Festival of Architecture 2023. In her role as Chair of Lambeth’s Neighbourhood Well-being Delivery Alliance, she seeks to amplify the voice of local people at the centre of community health provision.

The Brixton Project is a community placemaking organisation that uses creativity to empower local people’s involvement in the cultural and economic evolution of where they live and work. Using the public realm as a creative canvas to reflect and express identity, spirit, culture and heritage in ways that are relevant and authentic to local people, The Brixton Project seeks to improve the social, cultural and economic potential for an inclusive and equal community.

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