Jahmar Bennett

Executive Producer for Neon Performing Arts. Jahmar writes, directs and produces independent multi disciplined creative projects. This includes Theatre, Dance, Documentary, Spoken Word and Still/ Moving Images. His portfolio includes successful productions at Edinburgh Fringe, Camden Fringe, Vaults Festival, Oxo Gallery and the Tristan Bates Theatre.

Previously, a business lecturer in Further and Higher Education, his academic background is in Business and Sociology. Jahmar has a passion for ethical and sustainable business. His inspirations include celebrating creativity, diversity and innovation.

Neon is a home for young artists and performers, in London, beginning their creative journeys. Our programme covers performance, production as well as multi-disciplinary arts. We build skills with the participants to support their progress and development for the next respective step into the creative industries or simply support learning for the love of it.

Our ethos believes in the untapped talent in today’s youth, who do not have the easy access to arts. We provide opportunities to young creatives who wouldn’t have had them otherwise, breaking down barriers to creativity. Powered by this purpose, our profit is reinvested to continue to help young upcoming talent to reach their full potential.

Our Artists, Teachers & Mentors, inspire and nurture; giving our students the confidence, technical and soft skills – not only to became great artists but also enhance their well being.


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