Sophya Bonsu

Sophya leads programme development and strategic and operational activities focusing on establishing an ecosystem of cross arts and cultural alliances and partnerships.

She has expanded VGCC’s profile and presence within the community through the delivery and effective co-ordination of its programme’s projects and management of their inter-dependencies including oversight of any risks/ issues arising.

Sophya previously managed the economic and social portfolio at the Commonwealth Secretariat and provided research and operational support to senior government officials, high commissioners and senior executives in leading consultancies and investment banks in the UK.

She has worked with senior government officials in West Africa, Europe and the Middle East; engaging and managing relationships between international investors and government institutions, while advising on policy, regulatory frameworks and market entry strategies in African markets.

Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre (VGCC) is a centre for community and social action in Vauxhall; SE11 (London Borough of Lambeth).

VGCC is a registered charity established in 1986. A key resource in the North Lambeth area, VGCC was borne out of a desire of local residents to improve community cohesion and foster links between the diverse cultural groups becoming resident in the area. It’s 35-year plus history has seen it grow from its humble beginnings as an informal gathering of community activists into a vibrant, successful pillar of the local community. and is considered the glue that holds the community together; It develops inspiring arts and educational projects that bring together residents, small groups, and local businesses.

VGCC works with vulnerable residents and groups most in need of support, especially the elderly and young people as well as those with disabilities to improve social and economic engagement. We support the development of community-led activities such as respite meetings for vulnerable carers, including their participation in arts activities that boost their mental wellbeing, ESOL classes for Calais refugees and grassroots combined arts programmes for underrepresented youth to improve local environments and equip residents with the skills and motivation to improve their life chances.

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