Victoria Ijeh

Victoria is an award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur, with a desire to help young people develop a growth mindset and understand that barriers can be used as stepping stones. Victoria pulls from her own personal journey and the push her Nigerian mother gave her to form the understanding that in all things a holistic approach is needed to see a lasting effect.

Victoria has a passion to create a diverse media industry and founded Iconic Steps in 2012 with the support and backing of the British Film Institute. Iconic Steps was one of the first companies to take a holistic approach to supporting young people into employment in the media industry with a dedicated pastoral staff member.

Victoria has spoken on various occasions including for London Southbank University’s ‘Our Creative Futures’ event, Clothworkers Foundation ‘Master in Conversation with…’ series, STRIDE ‘Barrier Breakers’ event and workshops run by The School of Social Entrepreneurs.

Victoria is listed on The Social Entrepreneur Index 100 in 2020, was selected to be part of PwC & SSE inaugural Black Entrepreneurs Programme and sits on the Advisory Board for Lambeth Council’s Skills and Employment Board and Royal Holloway University of London School of Performing and Digital Arts.

Victoria is deeply influenced by her Christian faith and runs a Bible reading club.

Iconic Steps is a Creative Agency with a social impact!

We deliver high quality digital marketing, advertising and communications services to our clients and we also train and upskill young people (16-25) from diverse backgrounds to increase their opportunities in entering the media industry.

Our mission is to produce with purpose and create a more diverse, more equal media industry.

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